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Tayo is a big believer in inclusivity and the law of attraction, that makes him a magnet for positive energy.

If you catch him with a cheeky smile on his face (pretty much all the time) it’s because he’s probably just filmed/about to film a crazy stunt for the Gram. He moves quickly, so be sure to catch one of his classes.


What’s your training style?

Bodyweight and Calisthenics.

One piece of training equipment or exercise you could not live without?

Gymnastics rings.

What was the hardest part of your fitness journey?

Recovering from a dislocated shoulder. Tested me mentally and physically but pulled through and now I’m injury free

What are your core values when interacting with others?

Listening. Most people just want to be heard. Keeping things simple and inclusive so everyone can understand & partake. Lastly and most importantly making others feel comfortable.

What is something you’re passionate about?

Creating Fitness content on Social Media. Running a YouTube channel / Instagram helps me empower others and allows me to reach a wider audience.