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Up until 6 years ago, I was the least fitness’y person you’d have ever met!..

You’d say gym? I’d hear GIN. I ended up going to group exercise classes with a friend and…hated them! For about the first 45 minutes. After that, I was hooked on training. I loved the way it made me feel…Strong as hell!

I fell in love with lifting, especially strength and conditioning. With fitness, there are almost endless goals you can chase or achieve. The possibilities are basically endless!

When I’m not ‘fines’ing’ though, you’ll usually catch me reading something dystopian or a bit or a bit weird, or writing something dystopian or a bit weird.


What’s your training style?

I like to deliver a class full of energy and encouragement, which will take you on a journey. It might even feel a bit euphoric.

What’s your favourite exercise to throw into every class?

Anything on a box. Jumps, steps or DB step overs. Strong but also sweaty.

What’s your go to track to get you through a workout?

I’m a big drum & bass fan, but specifically something liquid or a bit emosh.

Three words that describe you…

There For You

What core values do you live by?

Be honest, have integrity but also…try not to take yourself too seriously all the time!