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Pedantic, dry but a whole lot of fun ;)…

Having seriously hurt my lower back many years ago, I use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to help others train and perform correctly, without pain. Learning the basics is number one for me, so much of my sessions and programming gear towards Compound lifts – such as squats, deadlifts, row or overhead press. Most of my personal workouts include olympic lifting as it keeps me aware of proprioceptive movement, timing and athletic explosiveness.


What’s your training style?

Technique based – show me you can control the weight!

What’s your favourite exercise to throw into every class?

Anything squat related.

What’s your go to track to get you through a workout?

Mostly prodigy or late 90’s rock!

Three words that describe you…

Pedantic, dry, wholelotoffun.

What core values do you live by?

Slow is smooth, smooth is slow…

Strength is length –  short is tight and injured!